New Solution for Treatment of Equine Lymphangitis

The EQ Press by Vetletics

Lymphangitis is an inflammatory condition of the lymphatic system that affects many horses and is most commonly due to a bacterial infection. Even a small abrasion or cut can allow bacteria to enter the horse’s lymphatic system. The bacteria proliferate rapidly, generating heat and edema.

Traditionally, bandaging along with antibiotics, steroids and/or anti-inflammatories have been the mainstay of treatment. However, many horses will develop scarring of their lymphatic system, causing them to relapse and require multiple treatments throughout their lifetimes. 

Left untreated, lymphangitis can be fatal.

Fortunately, a new therapy has emerged: The EQ Press™.

The EQ Press was developed by Vetletics, a company dedicated to researching and developing therapies that improve animal health, welfare, and performance. The science behind the EQ Press is rooted in pneumatic compression therapy, used for decades by human patients to treat lymphatic issues, world class athletes to accelerate recovery, and high end spas to help improve appearance and client experience.

How does it work?

The EQ Press™ is a patented dynamic compression technology that propels fluid up and out of the horse’s legs and into the bloodstream.  As waste products and metabolites are removed, inflammation is reduced, and swelling decreases.

The EQ Press by Vetletics

Here are a few commonly asked questions about The EQ Press and the treatment of Lymphangitis:

When is the best time to intervene with The EQ Press?

The use of the EQ Press during early stages of lymphangitis has the potential to speed up inflammation reduction and  prevent lymphatic system scarring.

If a horse has had previous episodes of lymphangitis, will The EQ Press provide relief?

Depending on how much scarring a horse has, routine use of the EQ Press may improve their lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling and pain in their legs. Routine use of the EQ Press also may potentially result in fewer future bouts of lymphangitis.

Can The EQ Press be used on horses with other leg issues?

Yes! EQ Press has been used to assist horses that experience “Stocked Up” legs, usually resulting from being kept in a stall for extended time periods. When utilized during these inactive periods, the EQ Press can both assist in lymph drainage and help in the prevention of future cases of this common leg swelling.

Additionally, the EQ Press has documented success in treating horses in training or competitions. When utilizing the EQ Press after work, swelling in the joints and legs can be reduced, while speeding up clearing of waste from their lymphatic system.

Why are horses prone to lymphatic issues/swelling?

Because the lower legs of horses have no musculature, lymphatic fluid can easily pool there. At times, disruption may happen to the lymphatic system, whether through inactivity or strenuous work, leaving a large amount of waste that needs to be cleared from the legs. This extra work can tax the lymphatic system, leading to swelling and inflammation.The EQ Press essentially acts as extra musculature,  pushing this fluid up and out of the horse’s legs.

What is the science behind the EQ Press?

Dynamic compression technology is backed up by over 40 years of research in the human medical and athletic areas. Additionally, the Vetletics team is actively working on researching that area in horses, with great preliminary results.

The EQ Press is truly “Human Tested, Animal Approved”.

How is the EQ Press powered?

The EQ Press is battery operated and is rechargeable .

Is the EQ Press loud? I’m concerned the noise levels will affect the horse’s comfort.

No, the EQ Press pump is extremely quiet and designed with a minimalist aesthetic to be safe, easy to use, and offer a customizable fit for each horse.

Who is the creator of the EQ Press?

Vetletics is a team of innovative professionals who strive to seek improvements for welfare, health and performance of animals.

Are there other equine products on the market like EQ Press?

EQ Press is the first and ONLY multi-chamber dynamic compression device custom designed for horses.

Where can I learn more about the EQ Press?

Animal Health Innovations is proud to add the EQ Press to our lineup of innovative products that we bring to the animal healthcare market. By leveraging and applying similar technology that has been utilized by elite athletes to optimize performance, we can improve the health and welfare of horses.

Contact us to learn more as well as obtain demonstration as well as purchase information for this revolutionary new product. You can also visit the EQ Press product listing on our website.


Lymphangitis: A Frustrating Condition


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