Veterinary Device & Pharmaceutical Contract Sales

Companies seeking to introduce their products into the animal health space want to launch with the greatest response and best sales. Animal Health Innovations does just this. We introduce novel products into the veterinary industry to create lasting traction, brand recognition, and sales success

Let us introduce your new product to the veterinary market!

With our service, you will achieve sales success without the need for an internal sales team. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how Animal Health Innovations can assist you in introducing your product to the animal health market!

Advantages of using a contract or outsourced sales company


Working with an experienced sales professional with knowledge and established relationships in the animal health market leads to a better outcome for your product.

Reduced Cost

Save money with lower labor and operation costs, and an overall reduction in overhead expenses.

Higher Efficiency

Selecting the right partner allows you to increase the overall productivity and efficiency of your business by allowing you to focus on your current core business.

Reduced Risk

Contract sales allows you to establish proof of concept for your product without the investment of hiring an in-house sales team.

Quicker Results

Partnering with the right contract sales partner allows you see results more quickly than building out your own direct sales team.

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