Innovation Crossover: How Veterinary Medicine Thrives on Human Health Progress

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When a breakthrough occurs in human medicine, it often paves the way for innovations in veterinary care. At Animal Health Innovations (AHI), we’ve been at the forefront of this symbiotic relationship for more than 25 years of bringing new products to the market.

A Synergistic Approach

Both human and veterinary medicine prioritize patient health and use advanced technologies to diagnose, treat, and heal. Here’s how human breakthroughs lead to innovations in veterinary medicine:

1. Transfer of Technology: The Future of Minimally Invasive Neurological Care

The world of human medicine has seen a significant shift towards minimally invasive surgeries. These procedures reduce patient trauma, shorten recovery times, and minimize post-operative complications. Veterinary medicine has eagerly adopted this approach, leveraging the benefits for our animal companions.

Take the NICO Myriad NOVUS® as a prime example. Initially designed with human patients in mind, this groundbreaking device has seamlessly transitioned into the animal health space, featuring:

Enhanced Visualization: The side mouth aperture of the NICO Myriad NOVUS offers superior visualization, especially when juxtaposed alongside critical structures. This allows for precise and efficient surgeries, particularly in complex neurological cases.

Safety & Precision: With a non-ablative, mechanical design, the NICO Myriad NOVUS doesn’t generate thermal or ultrasonic energy, preventing heat-related damage to neighboring critical structures. Its guillotine style cutter provides veterinary neurosurgeons with meticulous control over the resection process.

2. Real-time Diagnostics: The Promise of Accurate Surgical Outcomes

Human surgical interventions have long benefitted from real-time diagnostic tools. The same benefits are now accessible to veterinary medicine, offering enhanced surgical precision and improved post-surgery outcomes.

The Terason uSmart® 3200T NexGen Ultrasound System stands out as an example of this crossover, with:

Pinpoint Accuracy: This advanced system provides real-time imaging to localize tumors, pathologies, and other anatomical structures beneath the operative surface. This ensures surgical interventions are precise from the get-go.

Protection Against Unforeseen Complications: With features like Color Doppler, veterinary neurosurgeons can identify potential blood vessels before initiating resection, minimizing the risk of compromising unseen vessels and preventing significant bleeding.

Cost and Time Efficiency: Real-time intraoperative ultrasound eliminates the need for MRI confirmations mid-surgery, resulting in considerable savings in terms of time, resources, and finances.

3. Efficient Sterilization Techniques: The New Era of Instrument Sterilization

In the realm of human surgery, the importance of sterilization cannot be overstated. It’s a critical factor in preventing post-operative infections and complications. The V10 AIR PLASMA STERILIZER offers an innovative approach to sterilization, tailored for the specific needs of veterinary medicine:

Eco-friendly & Cost-effective: Unlike traditional sterilization methods that rely on chemicals, the V10 uses only air and electricity. This not only reduces operating costs, but it’s also an environmentally friendly solution with zero emissions.

Proprietary Technology: The Air Plasma Sterilization® process is revolutionary. It produces reactive oxygen and nitrogen species from air, which quickly obliterate microorganisms on instrument surfaces. After the sterilization is complete, these gasses are converted back into harmless air, ensuring safety and efficacy.

The AHI Difference

With each advancement in human medicine, we at Animal Health Innovations see potential. Potential to adapt, to innovate, and to bring unparalleled care to animals.

Our core values of honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and a customer-centric focus drive our commitment to bring only the best to the animal health space. Our vision is simple: to introduce the most groundbreaking pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, and surgical equipment to veterinary professionals. By working closely with top veterinary medical equipment manufacturers, we ensure that our partners in the animal healthcare system receive only the best and most innovative tools and therapies for their practices. 

We know innovation isn’t just about invention; it’s about application. And as human medicine continues its rapid evolution, veterinary medicine stands to benefit immensely. At Animal Health Innovations, we’re proud to be part of this journey, ensuring that our animal companions receive the best care possible.

Whether you’re a company wanting to introduce your products to the animal healthcare market or a veterinary professional eager to leverage the latest technologies, Animal Health Innovations is your trusted partner.

For more information on any of our products or services, please contact us. Let’s work together to bring innovative solutions to the world of animal healthcare!

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