Humanization of Pets: How Treating Our Pets as Family Drives Veterinary Medical Advancements.

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In the past few decades, it’s evident that humans treat their pets as a part of their family. By providing them with the same emotional and physical care that is given to other family members, pets have become more than just animals. According to Marketwatch, spending on pets in the United States alone increased 67% from 2013-2021. This year alone, Americans are expected to spend nearly $144 billion on their pets in 2023.

With the trend of treating pets as family members, new opportunities for veterinary medical advancements and products arise. In this blog post, we will examine how veterinary medical advancements are driven by the humanization of pets and how Animal Health Innovations can assist companies in introducing their veterinary products to the market.

The Growth Opportunities in the Animal Healthcare Market

The rise in veterinary practitioners and scientific advancements has created growth opportunities in the animal healthcare market. The market is demanding innovative medical technologies and advancements in therapies such as monoclonal antibodies, which are finding success in human health medicine. Animal Health Innovations has decades of experience in the medical sales industry and utilizes its expertise to introduce innovative new veterinary products into the market.

Veterinary Advancements in Surgical Approaches for Horses

Surgical approaches for horses have significantly improved due to technological advancements., and the portability of the technology available to treat them. The veterinary healthcare market is continuously innovating and discovering new ways to enhance equine quality of life.

Advanced Veterinary Products Offered by Animal Health Innovations

Animal Health Innovations provides contract sales to companies in the equine and companion animal veterinary spaces. The company’s medical device sales expertise has a significant impact in the veterinary medical field. Animal Health Innovations offers advanced veterinary products, including diagnostic equipment and other technologies, such as the following:

The Impact of Humanization of Pets in Veterinary Medical Advancements

The humanization of pets is driving veterinary medical advancements. Pets are becoming more than just animals, and consequently, the owners’ need for more sophisticated and innovative veterinary services increases. The veterinary healthcare market is accommodating these needs, and there is a growing demand for new medical devices and regenerative therapeutic agents. Animal Health Innovations assists companies in introducing their veterinary products to the market and maximizing their impact.

Not only does this shift in pet ownership drive innovation in medical devices and therapeutic agents, but it also brings about expanded offerings that veterinary clinics that seize the opportunity can bring to their clients, separating them from competitors.

Pet owners are now more aware of their pets’ needs and are willing to invest in products that can enhance their overall health, wellness, and lifespan. This trend has created a lucrative market for companies introducing innovative veterinary products.


What services does Animal Health Innovations provide?

Animal Health Innovations provides contract sales within the equine and companion animal veterinary spaces.

How can outsourcing sales increase revenue and reduce risk?

Outsourcing sales provides multiple benefits, including reduced risks, increased revenue, and increased agility.

What are the growth opportunities in the animal healthcare market?

The animal healthcare market offers several growth opportunities. The increase in the number of veterinary practitioners and developments in technology has led to a demand for new medical devices and therapeutic agents.

How can companies introduce their veterinary products to the market?

Companies can introduce their veterinary products to the market by partnering with experienced sales experts like Animal Health Innovations, who have decades of experience in medical device sales.

What are the most advanced veterinary products offered by Animal Health Innovations?

We take pride in collaborating with companies that create innovative solutions aimed at enhancing the well-being of both equine athletes and companion animals. You can find our complete range of products on our dedicated product offering page.

The humanization of pets has transformed the veterinary healthcare market. Pets are now seen as integral family members, leading to advancements in veterinary medicine and creating opportunities for innovative medical devices and therapies. Animal Health Innovations, with extensive experience in medical device sales, is committed to helping companies introduce their veterinary products and maximize their market impact.

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