How veterinary specialty referral centers can use latest technology to better market their services

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Veterinary referral centers are a very niche market in the profession of veterinary medicine. The competition for these specialized practices is fierce, so it’s more important than ever that they differentiate themselves from their competitors.

In this article, we’ll discuss ways to market innovative technologies within the veterinary specialty segment of veterinary medicine. There are unique ways that specialty and referral centers can showcase their unique niche and appeal to a wide range of veterinary clinics and pet owners.

1. Case Studies

After implementing a new technology into your practice, consider writing up interesting case studies on how the technology helped your clients. Real-life stories resonate with people much more than overly promotional pieces. (If you are taking photographs of interesting cases, be sure to have permission from the pet owner!) Case studies are compelling and will help draw in potential clients and continually build your reputation as a leader in specialty care.

You can publish these expertly written case studies onto your website for your practice to share with other veterinary clinics. Your colleagues will often find these anecdotes helpful and establish your practice as a standard of innovative care.

What should you include in a case study?

  • Introduce the issue – what is the nature of the pet’s case?
  • Outline a problem and how it was solved using your unique technology
  • Show results of implementing this solution

As you put your case study together, focus on the journey of the pet and family, and celebrate the outcome. A case study should neither be overly “salesy” nor absent of a celebration of the human-animal bond when used for this purpose. And, while keeping that “human touch” idea at the forefront of the article, focus on the expertise your team displays with these modern advancements and toolsets in your hands. It’s important for your practice to highlight the value you add and why clients should seek out these services.

2. Virtual Reality Tours

As previously mentioned, veterinary referral centers are a very niche market with intense competition for new clients. One way to set yourself apart from the crowd is by offering virtual reality tours of your facility. If you have invested in state of the art equipment or have one-of-a kind amenities at your practice, this is a great way to share this information with potential clients and referral partners.

A client or referral practice could potentially “walk” through your facility from the convenience of their own home (or clinic!) which is a great way to inspire trust in a new team of veterinary professionals, which showcases the technology that differentiates you.

Place these video files on YouTube or Vimeo and embed on your website, both for quick loading, as well as search engine benefits.

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3. Celebrate Technology Advancements via Social Media Channels

With advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) coupled with the latest technology, there has been no better time for veterinary specialty centers to be able to market themselves as state-of-the-art. Social media is a perfect opportunity for this.

In recent years, the way people interact on social media has changed drastically from just sharing pictures or statuses to more interactive platforms such as Facebook Live videos, Reels, or Instagram Stories that allow viewers to engage with content creators.

With so many different ways for clients to get into contact with you online it’s important that your brand stays consistent across all channels to create a strong customer base who will remember you when they need your services. Curious where to start?

  • Determine where your ideal clients are, and focus on that channel. It’s better to do one channel well than three of them half-heartedly.
  • When implementing a new piece of AI or other equipment, take a video or photo and display it on your channel
  • Show before and after treatment photos (Word of caution: avoid sensitive or graphic photos)
  • Engage with other local veterinary clinic social media channels

4. Showcase Your Technology on Your Website

Consumers are more tech-savvy than ever before and are now visiting veterinary specialty centers’ websites to learn more about their services and amenities before actually setting up an appointment. It is important that your website provides information about the latest technology you offer clients in addition to ensuring that all of your contact information is clearly visible.

From your “Services Page”, link to case studies, as we’ve referenced above. Google will love the fact that you are including case studies on your website because it shows Google that you’re an expert in your field. Link to both positive client reviews as well as any other pages within your site that show the benefits of the product or service. Make sure to have a dedicated page on your website that showcases your unique service offerings, preferably with photos of your technology and equipment in use wtih pets and your veterinary staff.

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5. Develop an Email Marketing Strategy

Email is anything but outdated. It remains one of the most effective ways to reach your ideal target audience.

Clinics that work with referral and specialty practices are always seeking places to refer clients to for complicated cases. By implementing an effective email marketing strategy you can more easily reach a wider audience and let them know about the latest technology you offer.

When you implement your new technology, be sure to email your referral partners about it. Share interesting case studies in a newsletter. You can also reach out to other clinics in your area with the intention of offering referrals-this will help create business relationships that may result in additional appointments for you down the line.

How do you get started building your email list?

  • Host a lead-generating webinar for local clinics (Lunch and learns!)
  • Give away a discounted service package in exchange for a chance to win by providing an email address.
  • Use popups on your website to allow potential clients to opt in to your list

The best part of all? With a little advanced planning, you can utilize content you create across all of your marketing avenues, just by modifying the length and intent of the audience you trying to reach.

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