How Veterinary Device Manufacturers and Practitioners Work Together for Success

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After nearly three decades in the veterinary device industry, we’ve seen technology, therapeutics, and medical devices advance tremendously. However, one thing has never changed: veterinarians want the best for their patients. Our passion for connecting general veterinary practitioners and veterinary specialists with the best tools and products to provide the best care has never wavered. In fact, this passion has only gotten stronger over the years and helped us hone our ability to collaborate with our veterinary partners for the best results.

Building an Impactful Relationship with Your Device Representative

To help your team get the most out of your relationship with your device representative, we have some tried and true tips that we’ve learned along the way:

Communicate Your Needs

Effective communication lies at the heart of this successful collaboration. We have worked with a wide array of veterinarians, from equine orthopedists to veterinary neurosurgeons. What has this taught us? Each vet and every practice is one-of-a-kind. 

You know your needs best, and we always want to learn more about your unique challenges. The more we know, the better we can serve you so you can serve your patients.

Always Ask Questions

Veterinary innovations can be intimidating at times. While the devices we offer may seem complicated, each one is designed to make your job simpler. So, please never hesitate to ask questions you may have. The more we can clarify for you, the more confident you will be in your decision and the smoother your implementation of the product will be.

Get Hands-On During Demos

When it’s possible, we encourage vets to take the equipment they’re considering for a test drive. Hands-on trials give you a realistic sense of how the device works and feels. Testing a product also encourages questions to naturally arise, helping to ensure that it is the right product to meet your needs.

Get Your Team Involved

Two heads are better than one when it comes to understanding and adopting new technology. So, we encourage you to invite your team to check out your new device. The more people you have in your practice that are trained to use the device, the better.

Dig Into Trials and Studies

We are happy to share our devices’ and therapeutics’ studies and trial results. These case studies demonstrate the efficacy of our products and can broaden your understanding of how a device can be utilized in your practice. 

Reach Out Any Time

At AHI, we love what we do. We also understand that running a busy practice or working in the operating room can leave you with little time to make calls and write emails. So, please don’t hesitate to write us via email when you have the time or give us a phone call. We will always respond as soon as we’re available–or when it’s most convenient for you.

Provide Feedback

Our support doesn’t end once your device arrives at your practice or facility. We appreciate feedback on how you’re using our products, what aspects work best for you, and where the products can be improved. 

We are also happy to hear how we can grow and improve in how we serve you. 

We Take a Partnership Approach 

Whether you want to learn more about our intraoperative ultrasound, veterinary neurosurgery technology, or you’re more interested in our plasma equipment sterilizer, we’re ready to collaborate with you. By embracing open communication, hands-on experiences, and continuous feedback, we will build a partnership to provide the best animal healthcare and elevate the level of care provided by your veterinary practice.

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