Why Air Plasma Sterilization is a Must-Have for Veterinarians

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As a veterinarian, it’s essential to keep instruments sterile in order to prevent the spread of infection. While traditional sterilization methods are effective, they can’t be used for all surgical instruments, particularly highly sensitive equipment, and they can emit hazardous chemical consumables. That’s why many veterinarians are turning to Plasma sterilizers as an alternative. Let’s take a look at why this is becoming a go-to choice for vets.

About Plasma Sterilization

The V10 Air Plasma Sterilizer works by creating cold plasma that destroys germs and other microorganisms on contact. This process is completed without the use of any harmful chemicals or heat, making it safe to use on sensitive instruments such as surgical electronics and optics. It also only takes around four hours to complete a cycle which makes it up to three times faster than traditional sterilization methods such as

Ethylene Oxide sterilization.

At Animal Health Innovations, we are proud to introduce the V10 Air Plasma Sterilizer. We are consistently seeking novel veterinary products and equipment to help veterinarians provide the best possible care for their patients. The V10 Plasma Sterilizer is an ideal choice for vets who need a fast, reliable and efficient means of sterilizing delicate instruments.

Why is this Plasma Sterilization technology showing promise for veterinarians?

  • It doesn’t require any contact with harsh chemicals or high temperatures, meaning it won’t damage delicate instruments.
  • It is much faster than ethylene oxide sterilization (up to 3 times faster).
  • Prolong the usable lifespan of veterinary instruments
  • There are no installation costs
  • The cost is only $3.00-$5.00 per cycle
  • It is compatible with optics and sensitive surgical equipment, allowing you to utilize it for delicate procedures that require specialized instruments.

Discover how The V10 Air Plasma Sterilizer utilizes only air and electricity to safely and conveniently sterilize essential veterinary instruments 3 times more quickly than ethylene oxide!

Not only does the V10 Air Plasma Sterilizer provide a means to rapidly destroy microorganisms on instruments, but it also does so in less time and without requiring any harsh chemicals or high temperatures that could potentially damage delicate instruments.

Frequently asked questions:

Does the V10 Air Plasma Sterilizer utilize any chemical consumables?

No. There are no chemical consumables utilized and it emits zero emissions.

Can the V10 Air Plasma Sterilizer be used on instruments with sensitive electronics and optics?

Yes. It is safe to use on instruments with sensitive electronics and optics.

Is there installation required for the V10 Air Plasma Sterilizer?

No, there is no installation required. Watch this initial setup video for more information.

What is the cost of a sterilization cycle?

The cost of a cycle is only $3.00-$5.00 per cycle. In comparison, Ethylene Oxide costs per cycle begin at $20.

Where can I learn more about the V10 Air Plasma Sterilizer?

Contact Brad at Animal Health Innovations. You can also find out more information on our website, or by downloading a brochure.

What materials are compatible with Air Plasma Sterilization®?

Download a materials list here.

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