Veterinary Device Contract Sales: Changing Animal Pharma

veterinary device contract sales

Innovation allows medical practitioners and veterinary doctors to provide the best care to their patients. However, doctors can only use the most advanced technology if they have the opportunity to learn of their options and purchase them. Veterinary contract sales helps to bridge this gap. However, contract sales in the veterinary field is more than just “sales.” When it comes to introducing novel veterinary technology, contract sales teams offer no barrier to entry option for device manufacturers, encouraging them to bring more crossover products from the human medical industry. And when there’s better technology in the veterinary field, vets and animals win.

If you’re unfamiliar with contract or outsourced sales in the veterinary industry, this unique sales option has the potential to make a major impact on how animal pharma companies do business. 

Contract Sales Has Changed Veterinary Care & Device Innovation By

  1. Introducing Novel Devices to Market Goes More Smoothly

Many medical devices offer distinct advantages. When these novel devices stay within the realm of human medicine, animals and veterinary practitioners are not given the opportunity to benefit through their use. But who can blame these medical device manufacturers for being hesitant to cross over from human medicine to veterinary medicine? Human medical sales and veterinary sales are two different industries, after all. And They often have surprisingly little overlap, which can make introducing a new product to the veterinary market quite difficult. 

This is where an outsourced sales team comes in. Outsourced sales companies have the contacts and experience to help introduce a new device to the veterinary market smoothly. They know what they’re doing. Contact sales teams can be responsible for creating and implementing a sales strategy that will work for vet sales. They can also assess how to approach the market and how to best connect your device to its potential audience.

  1. Allowing Tech Developers to Focus on What They Do Best

Invention takes momentum, energy, and inspiration. By contracting with a veterinary device sales team, device manufacturers do not need to divide their time, energy, or monetary resources between selling and inventing. Outsourced sales leaves manufacturers with more money to spend on advancing their tech and more time to create new devices. Leaving them able to use their resources doing what they do best: inventing and innovating. 

  1. Providing Vets with a Direct Team for Better Communication

Contract sales teams are filled with people that enjoy communicating and serving others. This can be a major asset to veterinary device manufacturing companies. When you contract a sales team, you will likely find you’re signing onto superior customer service and product education for clients.

Outsourced sales companies usually only take on the technology they feel passionate about. Many only focus on a handful of devices that either pair well together or do not compete with one another. But you can rest assured they know their products thoroughly. Why? 

  1. Getting the Right Tools in the Right Hands

Veterinarians contend with busy schedules and the pressures that go along with caring for animals [1]. This leaves very few veterinarians with spare time to hunt down the latest technologies. Contract veterinary sales makes discovering the tools that will make their lives better an easier process. Outsourced sales teams bring tools and education to vets and their teams–saving them valuable time.

As for highly specialized veterinary tools, such as the NICO Myriad, outsourced sales teams such as Animal Health Innovations can target the right audience for this novel veterinary surgical device.

  1. Provide an Alternative to the “Big Guys” That Sell Everything Under the Sun

Dealing with massive veterinary supply sellers often leaves small vet practices and device manufacturers feeling frustrated. Why? For vets, sorting through thousands of products with limited descriptions can make finding exactly what they need difficult. 

When it comes to novel veterinary device manufacturers, their products wind up drowning in a sea of (often subpar) options. Additionally, many of the most advanced surgical devices benefit from an expert’s explanation of its advantages. With 3rd party sales, your representative is able to do just this. 

Ultimately, both vets and product innovators may not feel as heard and accommodated by large sellers.

  1. Reducing Risk Financially, Encourages More Development in Tech

There is a lot of risk in veterinary medical device development, especially when considering a device as a crossover between human medicine and animal. Contract sales reduces the financial risk through commission-based structures. With reduced financial risk, developers often feel more encouraged to push innovation [2]. This, ultimately, benefits vets, animals, and product developers. 

Contract Veterinary Sales: Improving Animal Healthcare One Novel Device at a Time

In the world of veterinary pharma and supplies, there are many factors at play that can advance innovation or stifle advancement. Contract veterinary sales provides both vet practices and veterinary device developers with a solution for better customer care, greater expertise in device representation, and reduced financial risk for all parties. 

Whether you’re looking for a better veterinary surgical device or looking for the best sales representation for your novel veterinary product, Animal Health Innovations will protect your best interests.




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