The Newest Technology is an Investment in Your Vet Practice

newest technology for vet practices

We know that providing the best care is always a veterinarian’s top priority. However, we also understand that staying competitive and making money is essential for any business, including veterinary practices. And, the newest technology for your vet practice and novel devices can be quite an investment. But is investing in more advanced technology an investment that pays off? Absolutely.  

If you’ve been wondering if it’s time to upgrade your surgical equipment or try out the latest diagnostic tools, now is the time to do so. When you outfit your practice with better equipment, you’re making a wise financial decision. How does the newest technology benefit veterinary practices? Here is how tech is making a positive impact for veterinary clinics, hospitals, and large animal vet practices:

  1. Better Diagnostics Leads to a Better Prognosis

In the past few decades, most veterinary practices have moved to in-house laboratory testing for the most common diagnostics. With the ability to see rapid results, vets have been able to respond more quickly and with confidence. This has led to better prognosis for animals across the country and a lower margin of error in diagnosis [1]. 

Additionally, digital imaging has changed the face of internal diagnostics. From digital X-rays to ultrasounds, it’s easier to see what is ailing a pet and provide the necessary care fast. 

All of this leads to better results and a better reputation for your clinic. 

  1. Surgical Tech = Overall Better Care for Animals

We all know that a more accurate and rapid diagnosis leads to more streamlined care and a better prognosis for patients. But have you thought about how you can improve your patient’s surgical outcome and long-term wellbeing by upgrading your surgical equipment?

New surgical technology improves results and your performance. With technology such as the Myriad device, you can expect:

  • Quicker recovery time with less pain 
  • Less damage to areas adjacent to the surgical site due to greater precision and more controlled handling
  • Easier sample collection with less tissue handling

Keep in mind that technology also improves your life, as well. Newer devices are designed to be more ergonomic and easier to use, so you wind up spending less time in surgery and experience less physical pain and strain.

  1. Advanced Devices Give Your Practice a Competitive Edge

The way Americans perceive their pets has shifted over the past thirty years [2]. Whereas, dogs and cats used to be considered family pets, they are now considered just family. This psychological shift has prompted Americans to be more proactive regarding their pets’ health. It has also made it commonplace for people to spend more to treat their pets’ ailments.

This has also increased the lengths pet owners will go to to provide their pets with the best veterinary care. Pet owners are doing more research and comparing clinics more closely. Having a state-of-the-art clinic offers greater appeal to many pet owners, especially when it comes to a specialty care clinic. 

Pet owners perceive your investment in technology as an investment in their pet’s health. They also feel they are receiving better value for their money when their vet has superior technology.

  1. Allows Your Practice to Specialize

As the science that drives veterinary medicine has expanded, so have the capabilities of veterinarians. Furthermore, the number of vet practices has significantly increased over the past few decades. This has led to more and more veterinary practices choosing to specialize in a specific discipline [3].

Investing in the best technology allows you to be a leader among your specialization. From veterinary oncology to veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation, technology allows you to treat your patients with proficiency and compassion.

  1. Improved Customer Communication

In the twenty-first century, clients expect veterinary practices to use technology that gives them better access to records and allows for smoother communication. As we saw during the COVID-19 pandemic, technology is a must when it comes to customer portals for records retrieval, scheduling, and payment. 

But technology goes beyond just providing more streamlined customer care. It also allows your practice to increase revenue by:

  • Automating check-up and follow-up reminders via text, email, and mail
  • Improving practice social media in order to maintain and increase brand awareness
  • Providing customers with prescription automation

Is Technology A Worthy Investment for Your Veterinary Practice?

If given the opportunity to save more lives, improve the efficiency of your treatments, and reduce pets’ pain, we have no doubt that almost all veterinarians would take the opportunity. But, of course, when you invest in the newest technology for your vet practice, it’s important to consider what the wisest investment may be. You may want to ask yourself, “Will this device benefit me or the majority of my patients?” And if the answer is “yes,” you likely want to consider it a worthy investment.

There’s no doubt that technology has changed the face of the veterinary world. It has also changed the nature of how vets do business. If you have yet to upgrade your practice to the 21st century, it’s a good time to do so. 

If you want to explore the most advanced veterinary devices, read more here.





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