The Benefits of Veterinary Device Contract Sales

veterinary device contract sales

Choosing a route for introducing your veterinary device or technology can feel risky. You want to hit the market selling, after all. However, many businesses don’t have the capital for a fully dedicated sales team. Furthermore, many entrepreneurs know their technology much better than the veterinary industry. This is where veterinary contract sales comes in. 

Outsourcing sales of your veterinary surgical instruments allows you to focus on what you do best–perfecting your technology while a dedicated sales team puts all their energy into getting your product into the right hands while earning your company revenue.

How Does Veterinary Devices Contract Sales Work?

Contract sales, also referred to as outsourced sales or manufacturer’s representative sales, takes a straightforward approach to marketing and selling your product. Some sales contractors will take over the entirety of the sales process. These companies are often considered full-stack sales teams. Other contracting companies will maintain only certain aspects of the sales process. This can include using third-party medical device reps. 

A veterinary device contract sales company will represent your product, get it in front of potential customers, and take ownership of ensuring its sales success.

Which Outsourced Sales Model Will Work Best for Your Veterinary Device?

One of the most convenient aspects of outsourced sales is that you can choose how much or how little you want to be involved. And most contract sales companies allow you to be flexible and adjust the level of service they offer.

A Full-Stack Approach to Veterinary Technology Sales

This model allows you to be completely hands-off. Your outsourced sales company takes on the full responsibility for marketing and selling your product while maintaining customer relationships. A full-stack model includes:

  • Sales strategy
  • Marketing
  • Customer account maintenance
  • Goals and sales reports
  • Creating a sales cycle process
  • Customer life cycle

This model often takes a bit more heavy lifting at the beginning of the contract, but from there, your contractor handles nearly everything sales-related. For the best success rate, be sure your sales contractor has all the documentation and information they need regarding your veterinary device. 

Partial or Mixed Outsourced Sales

Some outsourced sales contractors will take ownership of some but not all aspects of selling your veterinary devices. This can include producing sales leads, creating your sales strategy, content marketing, customer follow-up, or cold calling.

The Benefits of Using a Contract Sales Company

  1. Get Sales Results without Hiring a Full Sales Team

Putting together an in-house sales team is a major undertaking–an expensive one, too. Using a contract sales company allows you to skip the hiring process along with all the work of maintaining a staff (performance reviews, payroll, training, the workplace overhead, etc.). Finding an experienced salesperson or staff familiar with equine surgical tools or other veterinary devices can be tough.

When you hire a contractor, you know exactly how much you’re going to pay, and it is often significantly less than hiring just one in-house salesperson. When you hire a contractor that works in the veterinary sales niche, you can also skip the learning curve related to our industry.

  1. Gain Access to Industry Insight and Relationships

If you began selling your device yourself, where would you begin? If you’re like most people, this question can be a bit overwhelming. With an outsourced veterinary device sales contractor, your product can be put in front of potential customers within days of beginning. 

Animal Health Innovations comes with decades of medical sales and veterinary sales experience. We are familiar with the industry, so you don’t have to be. 

  1. Focus on Other Aspects of Your Business

If someone were to ask you what your favorite aspect of your job is, we bet your answer is anything but sales. You may love the intricacies of your device or the results your product produces during clinical trials. Well, with a veterinary medical device representative, you can continue to focus on what you love about invention, innovation, and technology. You can bet your sales rep loves what they do, too. 

  1. Enter New Markets 

Most medical devices make excellent crossover products between the human health industry and the veterinary field. This allows you to double your revenue, especially considering the fact that pet ownership is at an all-time high and continues to rise. From equine health to companion animal oncology, a veterinary contract sales company can help you maximize the potential of your product’s sales.

  1. Lower Risk

As you likely know, hiring comes with the dreaded unknown factor of performance, results, and maintaining your company’s reputation. According to Forbes, using a third party allows you to access that company’s supply of talent, which can be a huge benefit from a risk perspective.  An outsourced sales rep is a known quantity. Not only does a rep have their own reputation to protect, but upholding yours is also in their best interest. 

Furthermore, as we’ve stated, your financial risk is minimized when using a third party for sales. Especially since most are commission-based.

  1. Scale Your Business More Easily

It can be difficult to predict how fast your company will scale. Are you ready to scale, if needed? As for responding to production needs and scaling a sales team, outsourced sales allows you to focus on your priorities in-house while you can rest assured your sales will be handled. 

It’s Time to Find a Contractor to Sell Your Veterinary Device

Animal Health Innovations: Veterinary Device and Technology Sales Made Easy

If you have been wondering what the best way to introduce your veterinary medical device to the market is, contract sales is an excellent option. Of course, choosing the right contract sales company will give you the greatest competitive edge. With Animal Health Innovations, your product will reach potential buyers within days. And you can rest assured that we take every measure to sell your product as if it were our own. 
Ready to learn more about why Animal Health Innovations is the best veterinary device sales contractor for your needs? Contact us today.

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