The Benefits of Dynamic Compression for Equine Athletes

As technology improves, new therapies are emerging to help our equine athletes. Dynamic compression therapy is a tool commonly used in human medicine to treat various medical conditions and improve athletic recovery. However, a new and innovative device is allowing equine athletes to experience the many benefits that dynamic compression therapy can provide. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what dynamic compression therapy is and the benefits for your horse. 

What is Dynamic Compression Therapy?

Dynamic compression, also known as pneumatic compression, is an alternative therapy used to move lymphatic fluid. The therapeutic device is typically composed of an inflatable sleeve that is placed on the patient’s arm or leg. The sleeve is inflated and deflated in a sequential pattern during the treatment process. This helps alleviate fluid buildup and improve lymphatic flow. 

In human medicine, dynamic compression therapy is often used to treat patients with lymphedema. This condition causes excessive swelling due to poor lymphatic drainage and can be challenging to manage. Luckily, studies have shown that pneumatic compression therapy is highly effective in reducing fluid buildup and improving lymphatic function.

However, dynamic compression therapy has also become a popular tool among professional athletes. Athletes competing in the NFL, MLB, NBA, and many other sports teams use pneumatic compression therapy to reduce recovery time and improve athletic performance. 

After seeing how this technology has benefited human patients, the team at Vetletics has partnered with the world leading manufacturer of compression systems, Mego Afek, and together has created an innovative therapeutic device to help our equine athletes, The EQ Press™. Their revolutionary tool allows horses of all levels to experience the wide range of benefits that dynamic compression offers. 

Improving Athletic Recovery 

During periods of exertion, your horse’s body produces various waste products and metabolites. The lymphatic system plays a critical role in removing waste buildup and helping your horse recover. 

Unfortunately, intense exercise can overwhelm your horse’s lymphatic system, causing their legs and joints to swell. Not only does this cause your horse discomfort, but it can also prolong their recovery time. 

The EQ Press uses dynamic compression to move lymphatic fluid up your horse’s leg. By following the natural flow of the lymphatic system, the compression device improves circulation, removes waste buildup, and reduces swelling. This will help improve your horse’s comfort and allow them to recover quicker. 

Optimizing Performance

In addition to improving equine athletic recovery, dynamic compression can also help improve athletic performance. Strenuous activity is hard on your horse’s body and can cause significant inflammation. The longer this inflammation persists, the more difficult it is for your horse to compete at their best. 

Dynamic compression helps reduce inflammation and enhance the immune response. As a result, therapeutic devices like the EQ Press can improve overall health and optimize your horse’s performance. Incorporating this tool into your horse’s routine will help your horse feel their best and allow them to reach their full potential. 


While dynamic compression technology is a proven therapeutic tool in human medicine, new technology is allowing horses to experience its many benefits. At Animal Health Innovations, we are excited to see the many ways the EQ Press is changing the game for equine athletes. If you are interested in learning more about the EQ Press, please let us know. Our Animal Health Innovations team would be happy to set up a demonstration of this innovative technology.

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