How Has Artificial Intelligence Impacted Pet Healthcare?

How Has Artificial Intelligence Impacted Pet Healthcare

It’s no secret that pet owners are willing to do anything for their pets. From waiting in long lines, to researching the best clinics to care for their pets. In order to meet this demand, veterinarians remain committed to providing better healthcare through innovative technology, including artificial intelligence. 

How has AI changed veterinary healthcare? While AI isn’t at a level yet to start physically assisting with surgeries, it can expedite diagnoses and relegate tedious tasks to AI bots. Here is how:

  1. Providing Less Screen Time and More Time for Patients

Technicians often spend long hours on the computer inputting pet health records and recording data. With AI bots, they can spend less time on those tasks. Bots can scan entire documents and convert the images to text using Optical Character Recognition technology [1]. This gives techs more time to answer questions and a better focus on patient care.

An added bonus to using bots is there are fewer human errors when inputting information. Using AI to transcribe documents means less error, and more accurate diagnosis and patient history which is a win-win for clinicians and patients.

  1. AI Provides Seamless Online Appointment Scheduling

Using AI customer management software is one of the best innovations in pet care. Clients can now schedule vet appointments online, after hours. That means your receptionists don’t need to answer the phone as often during business hours. Nor do they need to neglect customers in the reception area each time the phone rings. And customers receive the benefit of scheduling help for their pet in their own time.

Online scheduling also allows patients to receive automated reminders, through text messages, email, and phone calls. That means an increased number of people will show up for appointment slots, for better clinic efficiency and more consistent care for pets.

  1. AI Reduces In-Clinic Wait Times

With online scheduling and virtual check-ins, patients don’t need to linger in the waiting room. AI reduces and eliminates the most common issues that result in long waits, such as:

  • Being short staffed
  • Patients running late
  • Clients filling out forms and delaying progress
  • Filling pet prescriptions
  • Technicians over-exerting themselves

AI also allows patients to move in and out of your exam rooms quickly, with less hands-on paperwork. Staff can also focus solely on patient care, instead of being on phone calls and stuck buried in paperwork.

  1. More Diagnostic Accuracy

Human error is bound to occur when trying to interpret pet data, through EKGs, X-Rays, MRI’s and physical assessments [2]. It’s also possible to accidentally record the wrong data in a patient’s chart. When you use AI to record data and analyze EKGs, diagnostic care can become much more accurate and provide life-saving solutions. 

What Can AI Do to Improve Diagnostic and Treatment Accuracy?

  • Radiograph AI technology can detect abnormalities in radiographs for quicker, consistent, accurate results
  • Use AI algorithms to review results of blood tests and urine samples from pets to predict a future diagnosis
  • Record the history of patients pets weight and use AI-assisted solutions to find healthy and successful methods for pet owners
  • Pet-wearable technology, to track steps, licking behavior, and gait to diagnose arthritis, allergies, and osteoporosis
  • AI analysis of EKGs helps veterinary cardiologists to interpret and track pet data for a more accurately
  1. Electronic Pet Health Records

Every field of medical care has been moving towards electronic health records, instead of physical paperwork. It allows pet owners to easily access their pets’ health records online, along with scans and diagnoses. This empowers people to have a better understanding of their pets’ health when discussing treatment options.

The Future of AI is Here

Technology empowers veterinarians, pet owners, and the medical community to provide the best care. Utilizing artificial intelligence to improve animal healthcare has become a no-brainer solution. Jump into innovative animal care solutions with AHI. We’re here to help provide a smarter future through novel veterinary care.




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