Benefits of Portable Technology for Veterinary Clinics

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Portable technology has long been a necessity for large animal practitioners. However, advancements in portable technology can also provide many benefits for companion animal practices. New technology allows for improved diagnostics and expanded treatment options. The portability of these devices can also improve patient access and comfort. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the many benefits of portable technology in large and small animal practice and how investing in these devices can improve patient care. 

Portable Technology Use in Large Animal Practice 

For years, portable technology has allowed large animal veterinarians to provide quality care on the farm. Since transporting horses and cattle can be challenging, portable technology has allowed veterinarians to provide patients with better access to diagnostic imaging and advanced medical care. 

Advances in portable technology have played a significant role in improving equine athletic performance. Shockwave therapy is an excellent example of this and is one of the leading tools in equine rehabilitation and sports medicine. The Shockwave device uses sound energy to stimulate healing and reduce inflammation. Research studies have shown that Shockwave therapy can shorten the healing time for soft tissue injuries and provide analgesic effects. 

As technology continues to improve, new devices and treatment options are emerging. Animal Health Innovations is proud to offer the latest and best therapeutic devices for equine athletes. This includes the innovative EQ Press™ pneumatic compression device. With its unique technology, The EQ Press is improving treatment options for horses who struggle with lymphangitis or stocking up. 

Benefits for Small Animal Practitioners 

While portable technology is more commonly used in large animal practice, portable devices can also benefit small animal patients. Therapeutic devices such as shockwave therapy can have similar benefits in companion animal species. Studies have shown that shockwave therapy can improve the comfort and mobility of companion animals dealing with chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and back pain.

For companion animals, transportation is typically not a limiting factor in the patient’s ability to receive care. However, there are still many benefits that portable devices can provide small animal practitioners. With a growing interest in at-home care, portable technology can help expand mobile services and offer new opportunities for practice growth. 

Additionally, portable technology can provide greater flexibility in the clinic and allow for better use of your space. When devices can easily be moved throughout the clinic, your space can become more versatile. This can improve workflow and help you treat more patients during the course of the day. 

An excellent example of this is Terason uSmart 3200T NexGen Ultrasound System. This state-of-the-art device weighs just under 5 lbs. and is extremely portable. With its advanced technology, the ultrasound system provides veterinarians with a clear picture of patient anatomy and potential pathology. 

However, this unique system can also be a valuable resource inside your operating room. The NexGen Ultrasound System comes with surgical ultrasound transducers that can provide critical information during advanced procedures. The transducers allow surgeons to evaluate margins in real-time and can improve surgical outcomes.

 Final Thoughts 

Portable technology continues to offer new ways to care for our patients and provide innovative treatment options. While the benefits of portable technology are widely known in the equine industry, portable devices can also improve the care of our companion animal species and provide significant value in a clinical setting. 

Our mission at Animal Health Innovations is to help you provide the best quality care for your patients. We hope you’ll reach out to our team of experts to discuss the growing list of surgical and therapeutic products we provide. You can also check out our product page to learn more about the companies we work with and the value their products can bring to your practice. 

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