5 Ways Specializing in Minimally Invasive Surgery Can Improve Your Practice

Veterinarians deciding on performing minimally invasive surgery

Minimally invasive surgery has far-reaching benefits for animals, their owners, and veterinarians. Using these up-to-date techniques can elevate your practice and make your clinic more competitive. Why? You’re taking specialized care of your patients and providing them with cutting-edge techniques. Veterinary clients and their pets rely on you for the best care that you can provide. Clients are concerned about the pain their pets undergo during necessary medical procedures. If you’ve been considering minimally invasive surgery for your practice, here’s how it can improve your care?

1. MIS Reduces Pain for Patients

When customers come in, they’re seeking relief for their pet’s pain and answers to their worries regarding their pet’s health. In emergency situations, this worry is compounded. The last thing any pet owner wants to consider is the painful recovery process and the risks that go along with a large incision. 

With minimally invasive surgery, patients have the option to receive recovery more quickly and with less pain. And this, in turn, provides pet owners with peace of mind.

MIS allows you to work with several small incisions, instead of one large incision and the aid of cameras. What procedures can you perform with minimally invasive surgery?

  • Organ biopsies 
  • Arthroscopies
  • Lung lobectomies
  • Colonoscopies
  • Pericardial window creations
  • Gastropexies
  • Thorascopies
  • Ovariohysterectomy and ovariectomies

2. Animals Experience Faster Recovery Time Post-MIS

Minimally Invasive Surgeries reduce recovery time. Procedures such as Thoracoscopy and Laparoscopy allow you to perform life-saving procedures without only minute incisions. These small entry points heal quickly and reduce the risk of infection or injury to the surgical area.

And with smaller disruption of tissue in the areas adjacent to the surgical site, internal healing is also more efficient. 

3. Minimally Invasive Surgery Provides More Accurate Treatment & Better Diagnostics

It can be difficult to diagnose conditions with typical diagnostic routes of care, such as MRIs and X-Rays. MIS allows veterinarians a more detailed look into their patient’s conditions in real-time. 

This real-time view of a patient’s wound, tumor, or other injury allows you to use your judgment in response to immediate visual data. 

Of course, with a closer look at a patient’s condition, you’re able to provide better treatment, including smaller margins and more thorough tumor removal for oncological procedures. 

With the latest MIS devices for Oncological Services, veterinarians can pull samples for examination without the risk of contamination.

4. Up-to-Date Medical Techniques Like MIS Attract Customers

With advanced equipment, veterinarians can use lifesaving techniques to improve their patients’ quality of life and increase their owner’s likelihood of using your clinic versus another. 

These procedures can be performed on exotic animals and pocket pets, as well [1]. In cases where the patient is more fragile, MIS could give them the care they need to survive. In doing so, you also broaden your pool of potential customers.

5. Clients are More Likely to Proceed with Medical Procedures

Pet owners continue to seek the very best for their pets [2]. MIS allows you to provide them with this care and their pets with a new lease on life. Clients are more likely to choose medical procedures that don’t have long-lasting physical discomfort for their pets. 

There’s no doubt about it: surgery is stressful. If you can reduce your patient’s pain, then you’ll be creating a lifelong relationship with your customers that can’t be replicated.

Minimize Patient Pain and Maximize Your Customized Care

Animal Health Innovations partners with the most innovative pharmaceuticals, medical and surgical devices, to bring the best technology we can to your practice. Your clients will notice the difference.

At Animal Health Innovations, our philosophy is to have a trustworthy relationship with our clients to create increased veterinary care and by extension, increasing your customer base. With our technology and your expertise, patient care can become less painful and more profitable. If you’re interested in enhanced surgical efficiency, your customers will be grateful for their pet’s fast recovery.




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